Monday 17 July 2017

HamburgerMenu V2 with PowerShell

Since my last post «MahApps HamburgerMenu & PowerShell», some people asked me on how to use the version with an image and not the canvas resources available in Icons.xaml.

To achieve this, in this post I’ll show you:
- How to set up your project files.
- What needs to be changed compared to the previous version.

Here is a little preview of what you’ll get at the end:

We will start with the same files used in the previous version. You can download them here.

Setting up your project:

Compared to the previous project, the structure hasn’t changed. I just added the “Assets” folder in which all images are stored.

What needs to be changed?

- XAML side:

Replace the data template for HamburgerMenuIconItem in Grid.Resources with the data template for  HamburgerMenuImageItem below. 

The Item will no longer be created from a canvas but a thumbnail specified in the Items source.
In the HamburgerMenu control, for each item collection replace these lines:


As you can see, I replaced the control with HamburgerMenuImageItem and also got rid of the Icon attribute. There is also a new tag if you have noticed , it’s there that we’ll put the path for images.

Lastly, there is the content. It’s not mandatory, I just did so because I wanted to have the content of my “Views” and get the images sawn on thumbnail in the background.

- PowerShell Side:

Inside the script, there is not that much modifications to do. You just need to replace the filename in your scripts if you have edited them.

$XamlChildWindow = LoadXaml($viewFolder+"\Mountain.xaml")
$Childreader     = (New-Object System.Xml.XmlNodeReader $XamlChildWindow)
$MountainXaml    = [Windows.Markup.XamlReader]::Load($Childreader)
$MountainView.Children.Add($MountainXaml| Out-Null 

And that’s it, now you should have the same result as presented above. Thanks for reading and hope it will help you 😊

All files are available here for download.


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